First step of a long and challenging journey

So here we are. I just started a blog. Maybe just for myself for fun, who knows. But I really hope it will give valuable content to every (board) game designer (mainly for first creators).

Some years ago a game idea came to my mind. Developing and testing process was slow. But this point I decided to publish it on Kickstarter. (because based on the feedbacks I think it really worth it.) So I started this very long journey. I started to read Jamey Stonemaier’s blog what is a huge help. (if you would like to launch a KS project, that’s a mandatory read)

I will share my experiences and challenges I will meet during this process. I’m alone, and have a full-time job, so the process will be hard. But also interesting for sure. And I am not a native english speaker, so it’s also a challenge for me. More exciting 🙂 So I’m sure you will find here interesting and valuable thoughts about the process of 1. how to have a good product 2. how to launch it. From a very practical aspect!

Who is in the same situation? Have you already started your own journey, or still waiting? (for what?)


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